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Photo by Andrew Mitchell
Photo by Andrew Mitchell

It's been almost a year since our last post so it's about time we gave you an update on what we've been up to.

New website

You may have noticed this website looks different. Indeed, Andrew redesigned the website to make it easier to develop and host. (For fellow computer nerds: We switched from Ghost to eleventy, which compiles to a static website, which better suites our needs as a small team). Expect the site look and feel to change some, our goal was to get these changes out, so there's still some ideas we'd like to implement soon.

More projects

The still untitled endless runner game is no longer our only project. We are now also working on a second game (it's much smaller in scope, meant to be more game jam-esque). We'll spare you the details of it for now, as the game is actually not far from release, expect a blog post about it within the next month or so.

Additionally, there's a non-game project being solo developed by Andrew. Some of you may know about it, as it's in closed alpha testing, for everyone else, we will start posting about it once development is further. (Hint: Think memes)

And don't worry: we won't allow project/feature creep to slow progress to a stop.

Why do games take so long to make?

As a team of 2, with no one being full-time yet (due to being a small team with no cashflow), and with multiple projects in development, progression is unfortunately slow. We are also in need of another artist (if you'd like to fill this role, you can send an application to us at All these combine to make our timelines long, though we are actually still 3 - 5x less than the average AAA game timeline at the moment.

What is the team up to?

Since everyone on our team is remote, the pandemic hasn't had a major impact on our work. We've mostly just been grinding away on our projects as time allows.

Andrew is starting his last year of University, majoring in Computer Science. After that he plans to get a job in the industry (likely a non-game related programming job seeing as Ohio is not exactly known for its game dev studios), and will keep working in his other time on Crystal Void projects. If the day comes that Crystal Void Studios has stable cashflow, Andrew would love to become its first full-time employee.

Actofwolf (who chooses to go by his username in these blog posts) has also been working on the projects when time allows, and is kept busy with other things in his life as well.

You can also find out what we're up to by...

Come hang out with us

Want to know what we're up to at the moment without waiting for a blog post? Want to ask us questions or just have a general chat with us? Talk to others in the community? We highly recommend joining our Discord Community: We recently started this because we love talking with the community and decided it's about time we finally have a Discord server, see you there!

P.S. Expect more blog posts soon, while we no longer plan to do them in a bi-weekly fashion, but we don't plan on abandoning you for a year again. The next one should be out before October. And if it's not... uh.. come yell at us on the Discord server 😔