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Photo by Andrew Mitchell
Photo by Andrew Mitchell

So... we didn't actually publish our blog post by October 2021 as we meant to (sorry). In fact it's been nearly a year since our last post. So, what have we been up to in that time?


We've been slowly working on our projects where possible. We have a few half finished projects that we are in the process of finishing up. Where practical we are porting to Unreal Engine 5 from UE4. We don't want to announce anything new at the moment, it's better our unannounced projects stay secret until we're confident they are getting released.

Team Members

Instead, let's talk about what the team is up to.

Andrew Mitchell

I'm the main lead/team founder. I just finished up my last year at Wright State University and am now graduated with a Bachelor's of Computer Science. Now that I'm finished with school, I am persuing full-time employment. Web development is another passion of mine, and that's what I'd like to work in whilst game development will stay a hobby for now.

I will still keep working on games in the time I have, my passion for game dev has not faded at all, and if Crystal Void Studios suddenly started generating significant cashflow I would probably move to doing it fulltime.

Act of Wolf

Act of Wolf is working on our projects when time allows. He is kept pretty busy with everyday life stuff.


The main reason our projects are taking so long is simple. We are 2 indie game developers who both have other significant obligations to utilize our time. We'd love to have more members join. Being an indie dev team, we are unable to pay a salary, but we do share profit from the projects with the people who worked on them. Additionally, it may be possible for us to pay for some light contract work. If you are interested in working with us, please do reach out, we would love to have some new faces on the team. We primarily need artists, but other roles may be available, just reach out (we can be reached on the discord linked below, on Twitter, at, or you can contact Andrew at one of his methods listed here.

Come hang out with us

Want to know what we're up to at the moment without waiting for a blog post? Want to ask us questions or just have a general chat with us? Talk to others in the community? We highly recommend joining our Discord Community:

P.S. Since we are pretty slow to post blog posts, feel free to message us on Discord/Twitter and ask what we're working on. We do love sharing what we're up to with the community.